Wine&Learn Workshop Webinar

September 16, 2020 5:30 PM
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Our presentations will provide useful tips on job search, work-related issues, and Canadian culture. A specialist keynote speaker will give a presentation and facilitates a discussion with the audience.

It is also a time to brainstorm ideas, share experiences, and learn from each other. At the end of the event, people are encouraged to nurture their network in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Volunteers will be present at each event to answer your questions.

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Stretch your Cross-Cultural Awareness! - 2-Sessions Webinar Workshop

Today, we're proud to announce our first Wine&Learn workshop!

Over the course of TWO webinar sessions (Session 1: Wed, Sept 16th and Session 2: Wed, Sept 30th), Leslie Virag will be coaching you in stretching your cross-cultural awareness!

You'll be learning how to become more culturally sensitive and engage better with a diverse workforce, how to manage colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, why you should embrace multiculturalism and eventually find your Canadian self :)!

About Leslie Virag

After living abroad and coaching professionals spanning the globe, Leslie has come to believe Cross-Cultural Awareness is the key to prospering in today's complex and ambiguous world. Cultural adaptation, integration and valuing one’s Self are crucial to developing a professional and grounded identity, especially as a Newcomer to Canada.

Her coaching and training, which spans over 15 years, caters to a wide range of industries and professions, offering specialized programs to suit individual needs. They are designed to fit any requirement, from weekly sessions to all-day seminars and workshops.

What are the benefits of a Wine&Learn workshop?

  • This workshop is not like your regular Zoom webinar: Wine&Learn events are heavily interactive...and fun! The speaker will ask you to participate, get out of your comfort zone to ensure you'll get the most out of the event!
  • Level up your professional development in a friendly and warm environment that gives free space to speak and exchange;
  • Put into practice what you've learnt duringSession 1 and get a personalized follow-up during Session 2;
  • Self-reflect and grow to become even more confident and successful in your Canadian career path!

What can you expect during the two sessions?

Mainly a LOT of interactivity! Since this workshop will happen over Zoom, your camera and mic will need to remain open/accessible. You will be invited to express yourself at times. No need to be shy, we're all in this together :)

So grab a glass of wine or a beer and let's sit at this virtual roundtable to learn together :)


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