Job Boost - Skillful Individual Training

What are the benefits?

Sometimes we need an outside point of view on our challenges. We do believe that our personalized approach is the best way to facilitate your integration in Canada. Since 2015, our team has helped more than 500 people to improve their knowledge of the Canadian professional environment.
We have successfully overcome the challenges that you are experiencing, so we can now help you. We will pair you with one of our experts to offer you the best experience possible. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that matters to you to get a job or improve your career.

What Can I ask?

Interview Practice

This session will offer you to test your skills during 15 minutes of interviews. The interview test is customized to your field and job expectations. After, we will have a debriefing together to review your strengths and aspects to improve.

Resume & Cover Letter

This session will be the opportunity to review your resume and cover letter. You will get ongoing feedback during the session.  Feedback will be customized to your job position expectations. We will ask you to send details before the meeting.

LinkedIn Profile

This session will focus on your LinkedIn profile - the must-have for networking. We will review your LinkedIn with your professional goals and improve it with our 7-key points method. You can do prework on your profile by reading this article.

Salary Negotiation

This session is the best way to prepare yourself for your next annual review and salary negotiations. It is not easy to have these discussions with a different culture of management. We will review the method and practice together.

30 minutes
Custom advice
1 to 1 meeting

How to prepare for a Job Boost?

To fully benefit from this 30 minutes training, we highly recommend to look at the following:

Read our blog

Most of the usual concerns have been addressed in one of our helpful articles. Use the categories to find your answer.

Prepare your practice

It is better that you come with documents and details regarding your situation. Email us if needed.

Come with specific questions

Take the time to write them down before attending the meeting. Don't censor yourself!

Schedule your Job Boost

You can schedule a Job Boost meeting with one of our experts! As our planning is limited, we invite you to register as soon as possible. You will receive an email confirmation right away with the details. We prefer to do it in person, but if selected, we will be able to do it by video call.